Comparative research is a central element in our programm, drawing from the cultural, polical and biogeographical diversity of both Melbourne and Berlin. However, our projects may be as diverse in nature as the researchers themselves.


The CURT network

We are working to establish a strong network for international collaboration among students, doctoral researchers (PhDs) and early-career researchers (ERCs) in Melbourne and Berlin, with a legacy that will last beyond 2021.

Monthly meetings

CURT is designed to promote exchange and training. As such, we aim to provide members with the space and support they need to collaborate effectively, while at the same time incorporating educational opportunities for further development. Our monthly meetings therefore alternate between discussions held within working groups and upskill workshops on relevant topics.

Making it happen

Our Steering Committee is dedicated to working with members to identify, develop and submit grant applications for projects related to urban ecology, so that CURT researchers can continue to do great work and still afford the occasional wheat milk latte around the corner, even in Melbourne. We are also dedicated to promoting individual international exchanges between Berlin and Melbourne (e.g. fellowships, postdocs, jobs, etc).